(FREE #CoursetoLaunch training!) How to Create & Launch Your Online Course in 60 Days
If you're a BLOGGER, SPEAKER, FREELANCER, or INFLUENCER (or aspiring to be), this is a *must* watch! 
  • Why you need to create an Online Course TODAY -- You’ll meet a Speaker who made $12k selling his course on a speaking stop & a YouTube Creator making $20k/month teaching singing
  • [COURSE SALES TRANSFORMATION] 5 Ways to Increase the Sales of Your Course -- watch me transform a low performing $300 course into a $2,000 course that sells out
  • [$8K PRE-SELL FORMULA] How I Made over $8k pre-selling my course in 7 days (with no following)
  • How to launch your #CourseFromScratch in 60 days -- You’ll learn my TAACC method that gets you published & profiting in 60 days
Hi, I'm Danielle Leslie...
I’ve helped influencers including Guy Kawasaki earn collectively millions of dollars by monetizing their content & expertise through online courses. 

I got my start at Udemy (the mecca of online courses) where I worked as the course launch strategist for almost 3 years helping thousands of people like you launch their courses and build a following from scratch. I’ve created 3 courses that have over 50k people enrolled around the world. From photography to design to yoga to singing, I’ve worked with every course topic under the sun and helped speakers, freelancers, and influencers take their brand, message, and earnings to the next level.

I’ve helped my clients build six-figure course businesses and make over $70k in their first 30 days (with no list). I love helping people turn their passions and expertise into digital products for more income, freedom, and online fame.

YOU'RE AN INFLUENCER OR CONTENT CREATOR working hard to attract followers and grow your brand. You wonder if there are "smartcuts" to becoming a top earning influencer and getting paid consistently and generously to create dope, original content.
YOU'RE A SPEAKER who wants to add another revenue stream to your brand. Ultimately, you'd like a break from being on the road so much and want to leverage your content in a scalable way. You also want the option to sell a more premium product than a $19.99 book to your speaking audiences. 
YOU'RE A CONSULTANT OR FREELANCER wondering how to best package your knowledge and services into a product that's scalable—that you can sell over and over again to your MVPs (Most Valuable Payers) without working ridiculous hours.
YOU'RE A WORKING PROFESSIONAL with skills to pay the bills, and you're looking for a new challenge. You'd love to #GETPAID to teach others about confidence, Excel, and cooking because you're a master at all three and don't get recognized for them at your 9 to 5.
VIDEO #1: The 4 Types of People Who Should Create an Online Course TODAY
  • Stories of real people like you, whose lives changed drastically after creating a course (you'll meet Faye & Ali who are making combined $500k/yr from their courses!)
  • The #GETPAIDMatrix -- see how creating an online course is the best way to build a scalable business around your personal brand
  • Top things that prevent people from creating courses (& how to instantly overcome them)
VIDEO #2: COURSE SALES TRANSFORMATION 5 Ways to Increase Your Course Sales (Instantly)
  • Exact steps to transform a low performing $300 course into a $2,000 course that SELLS OUT
  • 5 must-dos for increasing the sales of your course (and it has nothing to do with increasing your following or popularity!)
  • How to refine your course title and 6x your earnings (you'll see a live example)
How to Launch Your #CourseFromScratch in 60 Days + 
How I Made Over $8k Pre-Selling My Course (with no list)
  • My TAACC Method for creating & launching your course in 60 days
  • How to flex your Authority & Influence to attract your MVPs (Most Valuable PAYERS)
  • How I found the RIGHT audience for my pre-sale & generated over $8 in pre-sales (+ how my client used this method to make over $40k in pre-sales)
  • How to price & package your course to turn your speaking audience, social media followers, or clients into course customers 
I typically reserve these strategies for my 1:1 clients. This is my first time sharing this information publicly, so I look forward to giving these to you for a limited time and helping you create & launch your course!
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