"How to Create & Launch Your Online 
#CourseFromScratch in 60 days"
(including the ESCAPE formula that got me a $20,000 launch when I had no email list or social media following)
Hosted by:
Danielle Leslie, 
Founder of Course Alchemy
Danielle has created courses that have over 50,000 people enrolled around the world. Previously at Udemy, she helped everyone from a business influencer to singer to kids yoga teacher launch their courses profitably.

She's helped experts including Guy Kawasaki earn collectively millions of dollars by monetizing their content & expertise through online courses.
You'll learn:
  • HOW TO CREATE YOUR COURSE CONTENT in just 1 day - Forreal! No more excuses like "I don't have time..." See how it's possible to get your course DONE in 1 day. 
  •  HOW TO SET UP YOUR COURSE PLATFORM in 5 minutes and for $0 - Worried about the tech? I gotchu. No more hours of researching or paying a designer/developer crazy money. See my simple solution.
  •  HOW TO GUARANTEE A $10,000 (or more) COURSE LAUNCH - Learn the ESCAPE Formula I used to do a $20k launch when noooo one knew who I was.... and how you can use it, too.
  •  BONUS VIDEO: As soon as you register, you'll receive a video where I share how I made over $8,000 in 7 days from pre-selling my course (when I was a nobody) to complete strangers.

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