How to Create & Launch Your Online 
#CourseFromScratch in 60 days
(including the “ESCAPE” formula that got me a $40,000 launch)
You'll learn:
  • HOW TO CREATE YOUR COURSE CONTENT in just 1 day - The revolutionary way to create your course content no one's talking about
  • HOW TO SET UP YOUR COURSE PLATFORM in 5 minutes and for $0 - Forget the hours of endless researching & Googling "best course hosting platforms"
  • HOW TO GUARANTEE A $10,000 (or more) COURSE LAUNCH - Learn the "ESCAPE" Formula that helped me do a $40k launch & how to use it to meet your course goals
  • THE TAACC METHOD to get you published & profiting in 60 days - I use this with my one-on-one clients, and I'm sharing it with YOU

You’ll hear stories of real people like you—speakers, podcasters, influencers, thought leaders—whose lives changed drastically after creating a course. 

Danielle Leslie, Course Alchemy

Danielle has helped influencers including Guy Kawasaki earn collectively millions of dollars by monetizing their content & expertise through online courses.

She’s created 4 online courses that have over 50,000 people enrolled around the world. Previously at Udemy as the Course Launch Strategist, she helped influencers, YouTube Creators, and thought leaders launch their courses profitably. 

She's the creator of #CourseFromScratch, an 8-week online intensive for experts, influencers, speakers, podcasters to create & launch their online courses.
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